Why psychology?

Psychology has grabbed my attention ever since I’ve started studying. Something about the way people think and talk to one another is fascinating to me. While studying physics and astronomy I started reading more about psychology, which made me realise that if you work the bare minimum to get OK grades and spend the rest of your time learning about a completely different field of science, you’re probably studying the wrong thing. Thus I’ve dropped out and enrolled for the psychology. Summarised into a few points, here’s why psychology currently intrests me.
  1. People’s ways of thinking
  2. Everyone thinking differently
  3. When thought breaks down
  4. The expanse of psychology

Peoples way of thinking and thinking differently

We all have different brains, and that’s unimaginable


What I mean by that statement is that every person you ever see, that guy on the bus, or that one lady drinking her coffee on that park bench once, has had his or her own thoughts, experiences, emotions and pain. Imagining that every single individual has had his or her own thoughts, just as deep as your own, and even deeper, is just amazing! Wouldn’t you like to explore other people’s ways of thinking?

When thought breaks down
The previous points lead nicely into the question: What happens when this thought fails? What if someone’s brain works a completely different way to the general population? What if someone’s brain does not “work right”?
These are some questions that popped into.my head at first, making me read more about psychology and choosing to pursue this intrest.

The expanse of psychology

Psychology is incredibly wide, from.social psychology where you observe people’s interactions with one another, to clinical psychology, focussing more on when the someone stops functioning “normally” to neuroscience where you look at the actual brain during these interactions and activities.

Summarized, these are some of the big reasons why I personally want to pursue psychology, and I’ll try my best to keep this blog updated with my thoughts and ideas.

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  1. Love your writing, this article in particular lines up very closely with why I have an interest in psychology, very fascinating.

    Liked by 1 person

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