via Daily Prompt: Outlier

The outlier, outsider, the different one. Always the one behind the group or not with it at all. The group is having fun, laughing and enjoying company while the outlier is on it’s own, thinking and being too. They say thinking is a lonely business, so the outlier left alone with his thought will become a thinker.

Gaining maturity from a lack of group restrictions, gaining personality from lack of suppression and being authentic through lack of peer-pressure. The outlier is a force to be reckoned with, not per se physically, but mentally. Always observing and seeing results and finding patterns makes the mind objective, empathetic and intelligent. The outlier will pull through and get there, yet over an unbeaten path.

Being an outlier is not bad, seeing an outlier is not sad, but remember that this thinker you see is still a human, and behind these thoughts there are emotions too.

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