Routine is a thing us humans all depend on. From psychological things like the things you do when you get home after a long day, checking of your phone is front right, your keys are front left and your wallet is back right or the thing you do when you’re stressed like opening Facebook or scrolling through twitter looking for a distraction. Or physical things like scheduled house cleaning, the route you walk home, your partner walking on your left when you’re out together or other small things like the way you like your desk ordered -yes, messy is an option-

Small routine is wonderful for the mind, as it is a thing that creates the two main types of certainty:

Immediate certainty

You can pretty much immediately execute this routine because these routines are so small that most of them take next to no time and you immediately see the result of your routine, or you’re able to reasonably expect what the result would be.

Most small routines are socially accepted, as these are routines widely practised and appreciated. Almost everyone has these routines leading to these certainties.

Long term certainty

These routines create this certainty, as you can be pretty sure that these routines can be executed long term: thus you do not in any way have to worry. In stressful times these routines create a mental safety and handhold: Even when all else in your life suddenly changes , you will always be able to have your keys in your front left pocket, or put your phone to the right of your keyboard when you sit down at your desk.


As you possibly have noticed with yourself, if any of your routines fail to be executable, panic ensues. You’re outside and your wallet isn’t back right you freak out, or you’re stressed so want to open an app for distraction but your phone is out of charge. Failure to execute small routines create mental disarray and discomfort. But we can prevent this!

To prevent this, I ask you this: Next time you walk home, walk a completely different route, when you’re stressed out: find another distraction you’ve never tried before, put all of your pockety things in different pockets, or just throw out your whole set of daily routines and, just for the day, do it all differently! this will make you more adaptable to changes in your routines.

So examine your life, find your routines and, every so often, do it differently, or not do it at all! It’s lovely and discomforting and all.

Thank you for reading!

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