So opaque

Via Daily prompt: Opaque

My opaque thing has a well defined surface and has good textures to boot. It is pleasing to look at, fun to have in your hands and control and comforting to have near and be with. The outside is clear to see and easy to place and understand. Yet what lies beneath this seemingly comprehensible surface one will not know. It could be all colours, yet none either. Hollow or filled with layers of shades and colours, all of the rainbow. My opacity can have a bright outside yet an inside dark as night. A bland beige outside filled with colours so unimaginably and awe-inspiringly gorgeous.

All these features we will never know, unless the object is well inspected and carefully chiseled away at to peek inside. Or the object can be broken when our curiosity takes hold us, and the exposing inside can be seen once and for the last time. The once-gorgeous colours of a bland object will not ever be as beautiful as before.

4 thoughts on “So opaque

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  1. Interesting concept! When cracked open, the mystery is revealed. Through the shell, I am left to assume what is inside. I can have my ideas and hopes that it might be filled with rainbows or the likes. Upon opening, my ideas and hopes can either be shattered or growing again. Does one prepare for the worst or remain hopeful for the best that is still yet to come?
    I look forward to reading your future posts!

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