A blanket. A soft comforting cover which shields you from all outside negativities and keeping you warm and cosy in you actual, literal, physical comfort zone. Every evening we close our day, which could have been lovely or filled with bad emotions and negative, heavy and horrible situations and feelings by, eventually, laying down in our beds and covering ourselves with our blanket.

Though, our own comforting blanket could be anything. It could be your physical blanket which comforts you at the end of your day and fills you with content and happiness.


Your blanket can be music. It can be reading or writing. It can be sports. But still, it can also be a blanket. Or something other physical like a piece of art. It can be your friends or your partner who comforts at the end of a heavy day and makes you feel all right. For some their blankets are more negative or destructive. Some reach for alcohol or drugs to comfort themselves and close themselves out from the outside world, just like a blanket would.

What’s your blanket?

via Daily Prompt: Blanket

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