My beautiful epiphany

Not too long ago I had a moment of realisation of unimaginable scale, at least to me. It was a realisation concerning all of mankind; me, my friends, family, partner, a random person in the train and even you. Allow me to explain my epiphany and tell you why it was so impressive to me.

What I realised, with my feeble mind, was that we all think and have thought things. All the little things you, the reader, think about everyone else thinks about. Everything you thought about or have an opinion on, everyone has. Everyone has a mind as bogglingly complex as yours, everyone has opinions as deeply grounded as deep as yours in your brain. The people who write their opinions in columns or blogs have thought about their opinion in the same way you have, and carry the same emotions as you, and the latter is possibly even more boggling.

Everything you’ve had emotional feelings about; your youth, school experience, work and love everyone else has had feelings about. Just as deep as you have had. every person you see, passing in cars in the opposite direction or walk past in the street has emotions, is thinking something when you see them and have a goal or direction in their life. 

And the fact that everyone has a goal they’re working towards was the realisation that was awe-inspiring to me. The fact that everyone is there for a reason, for a purpose. And possibly of no purpose for you, but for them. And this is the point I want to stress: Every single person exists for a reason, every individual you see. Every man working in a field that you pass by train, every store clerk, every child and every elderly person who scuttles by on his old day. That man who was driving towards you on the other side of the highway wasn’t just a car you saw once in your life, never to be seen again but it was a man with a goal he was driving towards, possibly returning home to his family he loves or going to work, possibly with the same unwillingness you have had when you had a job you didn’t like. And the same emotions concerning those situations.

And it is not just this one man, but every single car passing you on the highway has someone in it with a mind as complex as yours. They all work towards goals and have directions and purpose in their lives. Every single person. This realisation at first made me have a small existential crisis, as I realised that my brain, in the large picture, is not unique. No one’s is. We all think, feel and see. We all experience. And then even more amazing is the fact that, when you really look at it, everyone is then unique. Everyone, through the experience of their childhood, education and all else has a unique thought process, unique “sets of opinions” (read some opinions are shared with others, but you will never find someone who shares the exact same opinions on everything ever as you).

I guess all that I realised that everyone is a person, and that was amazing, awe-inspiring and beautiful to me.

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