Becoming unmoored.

via Daily Prompt: Unmoored

Unmoor, verb: to loose (a vessel) from moorings or anchorage.

My head was no longer my own, my mind was wandering from place to place, from hither to thither, my thoughts were unmoored. After trying for days on end, I was able to unanchor my contemplation, I was able to let my mind go free. I could observe my thoughts, opinions and reasonings, I can let a train of thought carry on its own track and observe where it went, what turns it took and better myself by finding the inappropriate inclinations embedded in my mind, inclinations I could never observe before as they were part of me.

Becoming able to unmoor my thoughts was the best thing I have ever achieved, as I am now able to observe my unrestricted brain and conclude things about myself, and mankind, I was never able to witness before. It improved my self.

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