via Daily Prompt: Adrift

I awoke adrift on an unfamiliar dingy raft beside that great island of confusion and madness. How I got there I don’t know, why I was there is a conundrum even greater to me. A place occupied by disarray and chaos of grandeur was the only thing that awaited me on that plane of insanity bereft of any interest. An overwhelming sense of solitariness came over me as I searched fruitlessly for anything my mind would recognise and would comfort my wrecked head. As I reached the place, pushed ever forward atop my raft guided by the endless waves of the great waters behind me, thoughts ran more and more at disarray. I came ever closer to that grotesque continent, yet it stayed ever out of reach.

I awoke adrift in my bed beside my own thoughts, seeing them from a point of view which was not a view of my own.

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