Catapulted through society.

via Daily Prompt: Catapult

Modern society is a fast-paced affair, changing and adapting constantly to previous changes and adaptations to those before. Us, mere consuming and non-influential humans are catapulted at a fast pace through the vast amount of information and objects that grab our interest the one second and are out of date the next.

We fly head first through a transforming world where we are constantly urged to adapt to the modern trends and norms. Being a person of integrity, only adapting to your own wishes, demands and needs is a quality few can truly boast about having, and is vital to the grand survival of the individual.

Step out of that catapult which is being prepared to launch you through the next wall of modern and new demands, and admire the place you are at now; keep the things in your current situation that resonate with you and go through the changes at your own pace, truly taking in the world around you.

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