Surviving in modern times.

The concept of survival has gone through a metamorphosis in the last ages. Originally, to survive was to not die, to continue to live and prosper in health. It was the literal definition the verb ‘to survive’: To continue to live and exist. Now, survival has almost completely lost its original meaning.

In modern times, literal survival as seen from the point of the struggles of our ancient ancestors; struggles for food and shelter, survival is almost guaranteed. Existence is no longer a challenge. Through this safety of modern society, survival has taken on a new definition: To survive in society is to have a noticeable personality, to stand out of the crowd; survival is to be unique and different. Being an individual who stands out from the crowd is to survive in modern times. The ‘old’ survival had the same goal: To stand out from the rest and being that step ahead was to produce food or shelter; others then noticed you and praised you. Survival followed this praising of their skills and abilities as they were valuable to ancient society.

Modern survival is survival of identity, survival of personality and survival of character. Integrity, intelligence and creativity are our new tools of survival, and we should use them well.

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