Blogger Recognition Award!

First of all, I wanted to open this blog with a great “I’m back!” I had a small vacation followed by some university-related things which occupied the most of my time, but now I have returned to the keyboard! And what a great piece to start off with!

I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by the lovely Ugly Writers on their post right here!

I only started this blog last march, and I am really glad and thankful for the people who follow me, and the opportunity to also write for the Ugly Writers. And this award is just the cherry on top.

I love the feedback I get on my posts. Every like still makes me truly happy and I thoroughly enjoy you reading my works. Thank you!

Once nominated, there are some steps to paying it forward. These are:

  • Give recognition to the one who nominated you by including them on your list
  • Nominate 15 others bloggers/writers for the award
  • Write a story about how and why you started you site/blog
  • Give new bloggers/writers two pieces of advice
  • Provide a comment on each nominees’ site/blog to tell them about the award with a link to this post

Why I started my blog.

I started My Corner Of The Internet to have a place where I can write out all my thoughts and share my stories with you all. I wanted people to see my stories and to have them enjoy my writings. And so far it’s worked! My Corner is the place where I can deposit my thinkings and stories and hopefully have others also think about the same things which is the foremost thing that I wanted to achieve.

My advice to bloggers.

  1. Write something! Just start writing something. Starting a story or a piece on a random thought will help you think it out as you write. Don’t be intimidated by the task of writing or by a desired word count. The best thing to do is to just do it. Go write!
  2. Think about stuff. Ask questions about things that are generally accepted or about themes that you deal with on a daily basis. About what you take for granted or, oppositely, about the things you condemn. Why do you think this way? Why does everyone think this way? Where does it come from? These questions and your answers are fantastic subjects to write about.


My Nominees! (Not in any order)

The Ugly Writers: A fantastic collection of great and interesting writers

Amitav Chowdhury: Great, deep and moody poetry.

Agoraphobia Recovery: A man’s journey through mental illness. Beautiful to read.

The Airgonaut: A great collection of pieces of creative fiction.

The Bouquet: Beautiful Photography, a true bouquet of colours.

Mathy Moments: Fun and really interesting stories about a mathematical mother.

Cakeordeathsite: Stories and pieces on great writers and mind blowing art.

Partimetravelers: A beautifully photographed travel blog.

Cee’s Photography: A Photography blog with great tips and inspirational posts.

Phrase blog: A blog about Psychology, Philosophy depicting the beauty of the mind.

Edge of Humanity Magazine: A collection of everything mankind related.

Little Fears: Whimsical and interesting stories.

Damon Ashworth Psychology: A great blog about Psychology, therapy and self-awareness.

Eye For A Pic: Great photography. What else is there to say.

A Writer’s Path: A truly helpful blog with pieces on how to be a better writer and blogger.


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