My signet ring and my parents

I have a signet ring, which my father gave to me. I wear it every day and it has really become a part of my attire. I wear it without any engravings. Not because I don’t feel like engraving it, but because of a philosophy; a motive. Let me share it with you.

The ring symbolises my course of life to me; it was given to me by one of my parents, like the opportunity to become who I am. I got my life from both my parents, free to fill in how I want to.

I will not engrave it to remind me, every day, that I am my own person. A person who has been enabled to exist because of my parents, like the ring, but free to complete how I wish. The lack of engraving reminds me that I am my own ‘tabula rasa’, my own blank slate.

The slightly scratched surface show that the choices of my parents will always be with me; they do show their influence but they do not fully determine your life.

The scratches show that my parents had to go through their own life, their own experiences and struggles to give this opportunity, this ring to me, picking up the scratches on the way, always trying to bring this ring, these opportunities, this life as free and pristine as possible to me.

You do not have to conform to the choices people made before you, you are free to chose and design the course of your life, to engrave your own ring, for as much as possible. But remember: The opportunity to make these choices; to engrave this life by your own hand was given to you by your parents.

Thank you, mom and dad,

Love you both

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