First published short story

Hey everyone!

I published my first ever e-book short story, Beneath the mansion, here, it’s a lovecraftian horror story. It’s grim, moody, tense and scary! I hope you will check it out, and share with me what your thoughts are on the story!

An excerpt:

During one grey, rainy day my father had entered the grand living room where I was reading one of the stuffy mathematics books required for my study. Usually he would sit down and read a book, or listen to one of his classic records while radiating contentedness. Not this time. This day he had a ghastly look on his pale, lifeless face, which was usually painted with a glad smile and a healthy, reddish glow. His clothes were ruffled and disgusting. The palms of his hands were red and blistered and his thumb was red as if he had hit it with a hammer. ‘Come with me’ he said in a hollow, toneless voice to my mother. ‘I found… Something.’

Thank you,

Robin G

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