The value of photography

Photography has been a large part of my life ever since I got my first camera a few years ago. I wanted to have an SLR, but could never afford one. One day, passing a pawn shop, I found an analogue Minolta camera, and this opened up the world to photography to me. Now, a little while and a lot of learning from mistakes later, I realised the value of photography to me. Here’s what I think.


Photography helped me slow down a lot. I started looking at the world more carefully, started noting colours and tones and appreciated everything a lot more.


Using cameras, learning to use a whole new object from nothing and setting the shutter speed and aperture taught me that not everything has to succeed first try. Failing can be a lot more useful, as long as you try to learn what you did wrong.


Photography allowed me to appreciate new things. Styles I never thought I would like, colours I never enjoyed and methods I never dared to use. I never thought I would like black and white. I never thought I would like street photography. I was wrong, and reading experiences and trying things made me change my mind.


I can now capture more than an image. In the location above, for example, I always loved the lighting but I would have never been able to capture theĀ feelingĀ of that tunnel if I had never learned to use cameras properly. Photography can capture more than an image, it can capture moods, feelings and true emotions.


Photography is also fun in day to day life, being able to capture those important to you in a certain way, in poses that express their personalities and with expressions that are dear to you.


Photography is the art of patience, appreciation and looking. These are all things that we can learn a lot about in modern society, and photography almost turns into a philosophy, a way of life, in the way it influences and calms your mind. I have become a generally more patient person and I appreciate art and styles that I would have previously ignored a lot more than I would have ever thought.

The whole world is beautiful, unfortunately everyone moves to fast to notice it.

What are your thoughts? Do you have similar experiences? Love to hear them.

– Robin

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