Do what you want

Finding a job is difficult. Finding a job you like is even harder. It seems almost impossible to find a job which you will love doing. Making a living from your passion seems impossible in the modern world, but it is possible. I have written a short eBook which will give you some tips to use the system which seems to stand in the way of your passion and make it your job.

Here it is!

Society has been formed, according to philosophers like Hobbes, in order to create leisure time to develop ones personality without risk or harm. Society has developed so far that it is time for us to start using this safe, free time to develop personal passions. If you do this, a job that seems boring, uninteresting or even awful becomes very doable as it serves a purpose in the larger scene of your life; it creates space to learn more about what you love and, moreover, prevents you being annoyed with doing what you love. More explanations, details and guides are in the book, I’d really appreciate it if you would take a look, I think it will really help a lot of people! It will help you develop a career and a resumé which is in high demand without throwing away your own principles or passions.

I wrote it according to my actual view on life. If this kind of work is appreciated, I will write more works that apply certain philosophies to daily life in the form of a practice, applicable but grounded guide.

Thank you,


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