On the origin of the self

The self has been a concept that has been discussed in many fields and theories within philosophy and psychology. In ancient Greek, the soul was given the name 'psyche', after the goddess psyche. The soul was the part of the self that was not physical, and defined a thing as being the spiritual, mental 'you'.... Continue Reading →

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Three reasons why I use vintage, analog lenses

Three reasons why I love vintage lenses and why you should bother people about them for the upcoming Holiday season.

Using light in street photography

Whenever I go out on the streets, I search for light. I like contrast, highlights, shadows and timing. The sun, lanterns and shop windows all become spotlights for the awesome people on the street. How I get these photos is either manually setting my shutter speed with an EVF (electronic viewfinder), or, if I am... Continue Reading →

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