Daily prompt: Radiate

In your radiance I reflect and glow.


I awoke adrift on an unfamiliar dingy raft beside that great island of confusion and madness. How I got there I don't know, why I was there is a conundrum even greater to me.


via Daily Prompt: Descend I had been in that house for years, uncountable to me. As far as my memories go, I had lived there. I was raised there, and after my parents died, when I was just nearing adulthood, I inherited the house. It was paid off by my parents, and when they both... Continue Reading →


They walked next to each other through the dimly lit street, lined by several shops and houses, as they often have. His eyes drifted from window to window, from shop to shop.


A blanket. A soft comforting cover which shields you from all outside negativities and keeping you warm and cosy in you actual, literal, physical comfort zone. Every evening we close our day, which could have been lovely or filled with bad emotions and negative, heavy and horrible situations and feelings by, eventually, laying down in... Continue Reading →

Harmony of one

via Daily Prompt: Harmony All in harmony, peaceful living side by side. No conflict nor fights. No argumentations leading to long-lastingĀ  gripes and anger. A utopian society where all factors of life live in balance along each other. Yet what we need to develop our personality and our traits and characteristics is a bit of... Continue Reading →

So opaque

Via Daily prompt: Opaque My opaque thing has a well defined surface and has good textures to boot. It is pleasing to look at, fun to have in your hands and control and comforting to have near and be with. The outside is clear to see and easy to place and understand. Yet what lies beneath... Continue Reading →

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