So opaque

Via Daily prompt: Opaque My opaque thing has a well defined surface and has good textures to boot. It is pleasing to look at, fun to have in your hands and control and comforting to have near and be with. The outside is clear to see and easy to place and understand. Yet what lies beneath... Continue Reading →


via Daily Prompt: Outlier The outlier, outsider, the different one. Always the one behind the group or not with it at all. The group is having fun, laughing and enjoying company while the outlier is on it's own, thinking and being too. They say thinking is a lonely business, so the outlier left alone with... Continue Reading →


You've caught me on the cusp of my mind, new ideas have come up and I am yet undecided. The cusp of my opinion, and an opposition to the other inevitably. Be it friendship, politics, relationships or thoughts or small feelings, all have a point where they start in the head, and are then on... Continue Reading →


via Daily Prompt: Prudent Prudence, the mother of all virtues. The ability to make decisions based on rational thoughts and reasoning. Making a prudent decision, the thing that makes humans amazing. The ability to outweigh -in a reasonable span of time- the pros and cons, the requirements and even the consequences (the future!) of a... Continue Reading →

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