So opaque

Via Daily prompt: Opaque

My opaque thing has a well defined surface and has good textures to boot. It is pleasing to look at, fun to have in your hands and control and comforting to have near and be with. The outside is clear to see and easy to place and understand. Yet what lies beneath this seemingly comprehensible surface one will not know. It could be all colours, yet none either. Hollow or filled with layers of shades and colours, all of the rainbow. My opacity can have a bright outside yet an inside dark as night. A bland beige outside filled with colours so unimaginably and awe-inspiringly gorgeous.

All these features we will never know, unless the object is well inspected and carefully chiseled away at to peek inside. Or the object can be broken when our curiosity takes hold us, and the exposing inside can be seen once and for the last time. The once-gorgeous colours of a bland object will not ever be as beautiful as before.



via Daily Prompt: Outlier

The outlier, outsider, the different one. Always the one behind the group or not with it at all. The group is having fun, laughing and enjoying company while the outlier is on it’s own, thinking and being too. They say thinking is a lonely business, so the outlier left alone with his thought will become a thinker.

Gaining maturity from a lack of group restrictions, gaining personality from lack of suppression and being authentic through lack of peer-pressure. The outlier is a force to be reckoned with, not per se physically, but mentally. Always observing and seeing results and finding patterns makes the mind objective, empathetic and intelligent. The outlier will pull through and get there, yet over an unbeaten path.

Being an outlier is not bad, seeing an outlier is not sad, but remember that this thinker you see is still a human, and behind these thoughts there are emotions too.


You’ve caught me on the cusp of my mind, new ideas have come up and I am yet undecided.

The cusp of my opinion, and an opposition to the other inevitably. Be it friendship, politics, relationships or thoughts or small feelings, all have a point where they start in the head, and are then on the cusp of formation and are able to be influenced by any impulse and stimulant. The cusp of a thought is a vulnerable thing, and the effect from thence creates the personality unique to you.

The cusps of thoughts are the things that make every man an individual.

From the cusp daily prompt.


via Daily Prompt: Prudent

Prudence, the mother of all virtues. The ability to make decisions based on rational thoughts and reasoning. Making a prudent decision, the thing that makes humans amazing.

The ability to outweigh -in a reasonable span of time- the pros and cons, the requirements and even the consequences (the future!) of a decision is an incredible feat of the mind.

Being prudent is a wonderful thing, as you will seldom have the feeling of having made a bad decision, thought prudence is often confused with cautiousness which some people see as a bad quality. Bad decisions are so harmful to mankind, as it is a truly painful feeling that can in no way be reversed or changed, a pain that can not be comforted without the medicine of time. Decisions made are decisions made, and if said decision was a prudent one happiness and gladness and content ensue.



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