DSCF7799.jpgIt has been really cold out here. This puddle was the only one I found that wasn’t frozen!

-Robin Groen


New Camera and New Blog Direction!

Hey all! First of all, a few shots from my first day with my new Fujifilm X-E1 :smiley: Got it yesterday, I hope you enjoy them!DSCF7600That’s a bunch of ice that a poor guy had to take out of his frozen boat. All photos were shot with a 28mm f/2.8 full manual lens.

DSCF7598All settings were manually entered, which actually is one of the things I like most so far about the Fujifilm-X system. The dials, the shutter sound, the whole shooting experience is amazing.

That’s the frozen boat with a classic Leiden view in the background.
Now for the new direction for the blog: Soon I will be reworking the layout, making it a bit brighter etc.
It will be a photography blog, filled with the things I’ve learned and things I want to teach you! It will be a lot more active too 😀
Thank you so much for looking at my photos, I hope you enjoyed!

-Instagram: @besidesphotography

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