Fujinon XC 35mm f/2 review

Fujinon 35mm f/2 review by someone with an older Fuji camera!

Using light in street photography

Whenever I go out on the streets, I search for light. I like contrast, highlights, shadows and timing. The sun, lanterns and shop windows all become spotlights for the awesome people on the street. How I get these photos is either manually setting my shutter speed with an EVF (electronic viewfinder), or, if I am... Continue Reading →

My first bit of Black and White

Follow my instagram for daily updates! I have never liked black and white photography, I have always thought that it was a way to be able to ignore focussing on colours. I thought that it was lazy. I finally tried making some black and white photos once I got my Leica X1. Boy, was I... Continue Reading →

New old camera

Hey all! I recently got a new (old) Leica X1, an old compact camera Leica made. It is so much fun to shoot with, the tonality in black and white made me finally understand this style. Though the colored photos are amazing too. Have a look! Shooting with the Leica X1 is fun, especially with... Continue Reading →

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